How To Trust Your World, Yourself, and Everything in Between

WE MADE IT! Another year has come and gone and we’re continuing to progress forward. Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who continues to improve their lives and trust in the process. This is no easy accomplishment and I see you. One could easily say that the theme of my 2018-year was to “trust”. From venturing

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Top 3 Ways to Eliminate Unhelpful Thoughts

Hello beautiful souls! Thank you for stopping by the resource section. This month’s resource is brought to you by my November Newsletter, which includes tales of the pesky mosquito. These critters tend to remind me of those relentless and incessant thoughts that can consume our mind. Whether it’s about finances, what you said to your

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How to Reduce Depression, Anxiety, and other Unpleasant Feelings

Life can be hard, overwhelming, and sometimes just downright unfair. There are so many life circumstances that can contribute to major episodes of depression, panic attacks, and/or frustration. Below I have included four techniques to help you reduce any current state of despair. Write it out. Now I am aware that most people will read

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