Telemedicine Adult Counseling 

Melissa Meyer Therapy Services offers a specialized treatment plan consisting of 20-25 sessions. Each session includes formal training on CBT and somatic coping skills. Through the acquisition of these coping skills and participation in the therapy journey, you can expect to:

  • Increase self-advocacy – identify your needs
  • Decrease anxiety, anger, and depression symptoms
  • Find inner peace, balance, and increase self confidence
  • Establish healthy boundaries


What is CBT and Somatic Therapy, you ask? Read below!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A form of treatment that includes the practice of identifying thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Through this recognition, various strategies help the client reframe or replace thoughts; thereby creating a more pleasant emotional experience.

Somatic Therapy: Various mind-body exercises that allow the client to connect to their inner experience. Meditation, yin yoga poses, deep breathing, guided imagery, and mindfulness are often used to release any built-up body tension.

Specializing in the following modalities:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); Somatic Therapy; Mindfulness & Meditation; Behavioral Interventions & Lifestyle Changes; and Family Systems.