Five Things That May Be Robbing You of Your Happiness

Hello Dear Friends and Happy October! The new year is slowly creeping upon us with talks about new year’s resolutions just around the corner. I say, why wait 2 more months when we can start making small changes right now. In the material below I have listed five unsuspecting things that may be robbing you of potential joy and happiness. What better way to prepare for the new year and get a good head start on feeling your best?! Enjoy!

  1. Trolling Facebook and other social media outlets. We’ve all heard about the dangers of too much screen time. From increasing symptoms of ADHD, depression, suicidal ideation, to being a total distraction from getting enough sleep, researchers are now publicly expressing screen time concerns. Another effect that people don’t realize is the negative impact it can have on your self-esteem. Many people on Facebook start to fall into the “comparison trap” while scrolling through countless pictures of seemingly “happy” people. If they feel that others on Facebook are prettier, happier, or more satisfied with their lives, then the viewers confidence levels can plummet. Try an experiment and go on a social media detox for one day and see if your mood improves. It’s worth a shot.
  2. Not getting enough exercise. I’ve mentioned this one before in my last blog, but felt it was too important not to mention again. The best thing about exercise, in my opinion, is the release of those feel good endorphins after a hard work out. Endorphins are the happy chemicals that your brain produces, like when you laugh so hard your belly hurts. Today’s top fitness motivational speakers always say the same thing: you can’t work out and feel depressed at the same time, it’s impossible.
  3. Hangovers. One of my clients, *Linda, was shocked to find that after she quit drinking and smoking marijuana her anxiety significantly reduced and her mood improved. Linda stated, “When I would drink or smoke it was like a vicious cycle. I would wake up with severe anxiety and then drink or smoke again to get rid of it. It would only come back worse the next morning so the cycle continued”. For those who equate the holiday season with alcoholic beverages see if you can substitute a drink with something fun and carbonated, like Kombucha.
  4. Forgetting to practice gratitude. This one is easy to skip when the stress of daily life gets too heavy. For my devoted subscribers I’ve included a gratitude/morning practice in this month’s newsletter.
  5. Forgetting to pursue your dreams. If time or money was not a barrier what would you be doing with your life? Would you be traveling, painting, going back to school? I always advocate for action baby steps so dust off your old dreams and see how you can make them come to life. If it’s traveling that’s your passion, research books or blogs on how to travel on a budget. If it’s going back to school research some financial aid options. Make it fun and act as if it’s already yours!

If you missed last month’s blog on how to reduce anxiety, depression, and other unpleasant feelings click on the link to find other helpful information.

*Names and other identifying information have been changed due to confidentiality.

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