How to Reduce Depression, Anxiety, and other Unpleasant Feelings

Life can be hard, overwhelming, and sometimes just downright unfair. There are so many life circumstances that can contribute to major episodes of depression, panic attacks, and/or frustration. Below I have included four techniques to help you reduce any current state of despair.

Write it out. Now I am aware that most people will read this first suggestion and state, “Ugh, I hate writing.” or “I don’t journal.” and that’s okay! If writing out your experience is uncharted territory, start off small, like post-it note small. The whole point in writing out your feelings, or who you’re pissed at, is to release those emotions out of your mind, body, and soul. When we let our thoughts and feelings spill out onto paper we are no longer holding it in. Remember, holding in unpleasant feelings can be toxic.

Get Moving. This technique has the same underlying principle as writing it out. Movement and release of negative energy equals healing. It may seem like just the opposite of what you want to do when you’re depressed, but you’re going to have to strengthen up some will power. Take a walk, do some simple stretches, punch a pillow, whatever it takes to move your body.

Think of time when you came out on top of something really awful. This technique has it’s background in solution focused therapy. When you concentrate and focus your energy on times of success, you’re shifting your feelings. Making a list of these occurrences and storing it for when you need a quick reminder about how strong you really are is especially helpful.

Practice using “I” statements. Sign up for my newsletter to receive the “how to” on using this method. There is a specific formula that can make expressing your feelings very safe.

Please also remember that you’re never alone in your struggles. If you find yourself in a crisis situation please call the national crisis line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Have a safe and wonderful September!

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