How To Trust Your World, Yourself, and Everything in Between

WE MADE IT! Another year has come and gone and we’re continuing to progress forward. Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who continues to improve their lives and trust in the process. This is no easy accomplishment and I see you.

One could easily say that the theme of my 2018-year was to “trust”. From venturing into private practice to making the commitment to cohabitate with my partner, 2018 was full of big transitions. At times everything felt shaky, like a toddler taking his first steps, venturing into a world where he finally realizes: Whaaa!? I now have the ability to stand on my own two feet!? There were moments of fear and doubt but surprisingly I found wise messages of direction waiting around the corner to comfort and guide me. During this month’s resource I share two ways that you can cultivate trust and hear your own inner wisdom.

1) Break out the crayons and draw your experience.

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a “Creative Mastermind” art therapy group. Let me tell you, it has changed my life. The facilitator, Jodi Rose, gently guided group members to create a drawing of their current emotions. Once the drawing was born onto paper we were instructed to have a conversation with it. (That’s correct, I am to talk to my picture). The drawing would take on a voice of its own and address its creator (me). The neatest part was that we had to write the drawing’s response with our non-dominant hand. I’ll admit I actually declined this part, initially, criticizing that it would take too long and that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Luckily I gave it a shot and let the magic unfold. The wisdom of my pictures shared everything from cutting out caffeine to specific instructions on how to let go of my stress. It’s a truly incredible technique. Jodi Rose explains it like this:

“The process of art journal/dialoguing is powerful because it shows you how to tap a deep, ever-present source of wisdom. The images are derived from a more emotional, symbolic and metaphorical part of the brain, and when you process them through journal dialoguing, you literally translate their meaning. The resulting messages offer solutions that are ever-present under the surface of your brain’s busy mind-chatter. You’ll find that the messages are typically soothing and wise, and what is so cool is that this isn’t information that’s advised to you by another: the knowledge and wisdom is YOURS, and it’s available any time that you choose to check in and listen. Transformation and breakthrough is available to you when you decide to act on what you hear.”

Well said.

***Jodi is an artist, art therapist, author, yoga teacher and coach who has developed her integrative methods over the past decade. To explore her techniques you can register for her free e-book at . 

2) Go on field trips…by yourself.

Bookstores, museums, street fairs, all of these count as solo field trips. Setting an intention to discover something before you set out is a surefire way to receive inspiration. I had such an experience during one particularly hard time while working at a drug rehabilitation center. I was having difficulty connecting with the inpatient clients and every attempt I made seemed to set me backwards. One day, at my wits in, I found myself praying before entering my local Bookmans Bookstore. I asked for every type of universal help that I could think of as I gazed up at the tall stack of books. Comparing this experience to the cliché “needle in a haystack” I nonetheless pressed forward. As I combed through the titles one particular book stood out. It was a book titled, “Choice Theory” by William Glasser. Inside the book I found a blue index card with, I kid you not, my first name printed on it! It was even spelled correctly! Needless to say, my search ended there and I continue to use the material I found with my clients to this day.

Hopefully these short stories have provided some trust and faith in whatever it is that you may be experiencing. If you have your own trust story I would love to hear about it in the comment section below. Take care my friends and be well!

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