Sapphire, Yin Yoga & Feeling Better

Since 2016 I have been a certified trauma therapist. I have witnessed the most beautiful recoveries from some of the most horrendous acts of abuse that one can imagine. This work is powerful. Thanks to some of my favorite books (Educated, Between the World and Me, and The Body Keeps the Score) and many other trauma memoirs, trauma healing and recovery has started to enter mainstream consciousness.

Many therapists, who have decades of clinical work under their belt, will tell you how their practice has evolved and transformed with personal preferences and societal needs. My journey as a therapist is also rapidly changing and an added intervention keeps knocking at my door as a very important component to trauma recovery. And who is this guest knocking at the door, you ask? Why my old friend yin yoga.

The practices of yoga and yoga philosophy accompanies various clinical therapeutic interventions quite nicely. The underlying messages align and resonate with one another. The quieting of the mind while focusing on sensations in the body during a yin yoga practice feels like the last puzzle piece in the dramatic conclusion of allowing trauma to pass through one’s body.

The other reflection of yoga philosophy that paws for my attention, manifests as my 2 year old Labrador Cattle-Dog Mix, Sapphire. I look forward to the day when Sapphire can accompany me as a therapy dog once I start to seeing people in person again. Until then, I’ll keep you updated on some of the wisdom that she drops for me. So for now…stay tuned for Sapphire, Yin Yoga, and Feeling Better.

Ahimsa – Nonviolence/


One of the core principles in counseling is: “Benevolence – Do no harm”

If only Sapphire were pocket size… I could dispel all the traffic jam mean muggers.

If Sapphire or this message can benefit a friend in need, please feel free to share this post.

Hugs -Melissa

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