Top 3 Ways to Eliminate Unhelpful Thoughts

Hello beautiful souls! Thank you for stopping by the resource section. This month’s resource is brought to you by my November Newsletter, which includes tales of the pesky mosquito. These critters tend to remind me of those relentless and incessant thoughts that can consume our mind. Whether it’s about finances, what you said to your co-worker the day before, or being worried about catching germs, sometimes these thoughts take on a life of their own. Below I have included the top three techniques to stop those thoughts in their tracks.

1) The Rational versus Irrational Rule

Step 1: Identify annoying thought. “It’s flu season, I know I’m going to get sick!”

Step 2: Identify your goal related to that thought. “I want to stay healthy.”

Step 3: Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Is this thought based on fact and not opinion, assumption, or a belief?
  • Does this thought help me achieve my goals?
  • Does this thought help me feel the way I want to feel?

If you answered “no” to ANY of the questions, eliminate and replace thought immediately!

Step 4: Formulate a replacement thought and repeat as necessary: “I listen to the messages of my body and support it in creating perfect health.” – Louise Hay 

2) Think of Someone You Love

This is a distraction method, which works to disconnect the neural pathways in the brain responsible for the repetitive thought. You could also think of three things to be grateful for or a recent funny moment.

3) Practice Letting Go

This technique involves identifying your higher power and then making a statement that releases the fear, problem, or thought to that higher power. For example, “I surrender my fear of getting sick to God and the Angels.”

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